Our Mission

To “Re-design” the world with the power of technology

We strive to realize DX by utilizing cutting-edge technology and contribute to solving various global issues.

Insight Edge, Inc. was established in 2019 as a technology company to accelerate the digital transformation (DX) of the Sumitomo Corporation Group*. It is composed of data scientists, IT architects, and related advanced technology engineers, in order to provide the one-stop solutions including data analysis, agile system development such as MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and incorporation and application of advanced technology, that is required for promoting DX.

We believe that the essence of DX resides in how can we “Re-design” the business strategy and tactics, how can we incorporate cutting-edge technology as a “business tool” to increase added-value to customers and build competitive advantage. It is necessary to combine “industry knowledge” and “advanced technology”, and the key to success is to have our engineers be part of the project from an early planning phase, including data strategy planning, to project realization.

Insight Edge will develop its business to contribute to solving various global social issues through the realization of the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s DX.

*The Sumitomo Corporation Group consists of more than 900 companies, including those accounted for by equity, and about 80% are companies operating overseas. Click here for more information on Sumitomo Corporation Group’s business.
From upstream to downstream within the value-chain, we are developing a wide range of businesses such as metals, transportations, infrastructure, media, retail, real estate, mineral resources & energy, chemicals, electronics and life sciences etc. Corporate groups with such diverse fields are rare, and the possibilities for transformation due to DX are endless. Insight Edge aims to solve on-site issues and increase the digital value of all businesses by utilizing advanced technology and in-house engineer power.

Our Vision

To increase the value digitally of all businesses

We strive to contribute to increasing the value of all businesses, by leveraging a core-problem-solving approach and the use of digital technology.

The very key point to success DX projects is to set the critical and fundamental issues appropriately from an “as-is” analysis with the management viewpoints. If we can set the issue right, then the goals and practical counter measures’ concept making and detailed planning phase will come next. These apply to all the businesses including the existed operational improvements, new business developments, and merger and accuisition cases.

We believe that how to prioritize multiple issues and make an impact in the short, medium and long term is in itself the definition of management strategy and business strategy. From this perspective, the understanding and commitment of the management team is essential. In addition to the traditional approach to business strategy formulation, and while taking into consideration digital strategy/data strategy and the utilization of advanced technologies such as AI, the key to success is to work together with members and engineers who are familiar with the business application of digital technology.

Insight Edge strives to contribute to increasing the value of all businesses, from issue and goal setting to realization.

Our Value

Insight Edge was established as Sumitomo Corporation’s DX technology specialist: a position of great responsibility. Our mission is not only client work, but realizing digital value enhancement for SC group companies. We are intensely focused on exceeding performance expectations, while keeping our work enjoyable. Our team is maintains a deep curiosity for not just business problem solving and development, but doing so across the wide range of SC’s global activites. Insight Edge is young; we are always looking for people who can workwith us to create a corporate culture in which engineers of advanced technology can work hard together in friendly collaboration. The values we adhere ourselves to are as follows:

See it Through

Take ownership, Think it through without giving up, Implement.

We encouter issues from wide range of industries and operations. Candidates must understand that this is not client work: they must be able to see various business issues as “their own business”; work to solve with a strong sense of “self-discipline”. The ability to “keep going, keep at it” is an essential quality for breakthroughs. As a professional business problem solver, the more difficult the problem, the more passionate the candidate must be about achieving results.

Try and Do

Continue to learn widely, deeply; take on new challenges.

The company seeks individuals who understand that “status quo equals decline”.
We seek those who maintain a broad interest in peripheral as well as pressing topics, while honing their own expertise and strengths. Even better, those who are willing to put their learning into practice and continue it. For example, topics can be applied to the business domain and used to create innovation by drawing analogies: liberal arts, knowledge of architecture and urban engineering, art and design, biology including biotechnology, neuroscience, social psychology, physical economics, and global environmental studies. In addition to deepening our knowledge of specific industries, we broaden our ability to solve problems by working on issues in all the surrounding industries we come into contact with. We are looking for people who are willing to take on the challenge of solving new problems.

Do it together

Involve others, grow together, achieve great results.

Ideal candidates understand: the potential of one person is limited. They must be able to take a problem-solving approach, composing perspectives of members with different specialties, and work as a team to maximizing results. The candidate must have the ability to trust and respect team members; to obtain the understanding and cooperation of all parties involved. This spirit of respectful cooperation must extend to our operating companies: summarizing and proactively communicating the candidate’s points of view in a concise manner, to promote projects and achieve results.

Company Profile

Company Name Insight Edge, Inc.
Representative CEO Junichi Kosaka
Capital 48 Million Yen
Shareholders Sumitomo Corporation 100%
Date of establishment 2019 July 3rd
Address Otemachi Place East Tower 24F
Otemachi 2-3-2 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Access ・3 minutes walk from Exit A5 of “Otemachi Subway Station”
 (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Hanzomon Line)
・7 minutes walk from the Marunouchi North Exit of JR “Tokyo Station”
Contact info@insightedge.jp